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Bianca Ojukwu Loses APGA Senatorial Primaries To Ukachukwu

Barrister Bianca Ojukwu lost the APGA senatorial ticket for Anambra southern district. She lost to Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu.

Available information indicates that the primary was marred by disruption from hired gunman who evaded the venue of the Primary elections firing gun shots into the air and dispersing the crowd. It took the intervention of the police to stop the menace of the gunmen. But the gunmen, according to sources returned to the venue – shortly after the police left the venue – and continued with their disruption of the electoral process.

At the conclusion of the process, the registered delegates were reported to be absent from the venue. A source stated the delegates where taken to the home of an oil magnet at Nnewi. At the Nnewi home, the delegates were ‘convinced’ to cast their votes for Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu rather than Barrister Bianca Ojukwu.

Feelers from the APGA national leaders indicate that the primary election maybe cancelled.

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