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Woman with nine-stone leg can now walk again after getting massive swelling removed

A woman who was bedbound for 18 years because she had a swollen nine stone leg can finally walk again after getting an operation. Razia Begum, 41, was left disabled after she developed a severe case of Elephantiasis following the birth of her second child. The mum-of-two has been living as a recluse in Osmanianagar, in Sylhet, Bangladesh, since then after every attempt to help her failed.

She was finally admitted to Dhaka Medical College last December after doctors saw a social media picture of her, which was posted by her husband Mohammad Manik Mia. Surgeons ultimately removed the 132 lbs excess mass from her right leg in a gruelling seven-hour operation that may have saved her life.

Ms Begum said: ‘I am extremely happy that I can walk now. It all seems unbelievable. ‘I was all giddy and conscious after the surgery thinking if I will be able to walk. ‘It all feels like a dream.’
Dr Samanta Lal Sen, National Coordinator and President of Society of Plastic Surgery at Dhaka Medical College, was surprised by the size of Ms Begum’s leg. He added: ‘It is not an uncommon condition but Razia’s case was extremely rare. ‘As soon as she was brought to the hospital, a team of specialists were formed and all necessary tests were conducted for a period of two months.

‘The surgery was complicated due to the massive size. ‘I met her three months ago and she was healthy and walking comfortably. ‘While a huge amount of mass has been removed from her leg, it has not been completely removed. She would be required to come for regular check-ups.’ 

Elephantiasis affects around 120 million people globally and can be fatal if the swelling spreads to the abdomen.

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