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SARS operatives allegedly kill man for smoking weed in Port Harcourt, Rivers State


I give up on Nigeria💔💔

Just came back from school to see this. Sars shot this man right in my street for smoking weed.. They killed him instantly 😢😢 it was a head shot😑 particles of his brain were in the pool of blood I saw the floor.. He was shot on the hand at first.. He ran with the bullet wound till he got tired and fell. They came right after him and gave him a headshot.. While he begged for forgiveness.. How would he be killed mercilessly for just smoking weed...

Police work is not for illiterates.. Please government should adjust this problem. Our Nigerian sars are bunch of miserable, untrained, illiterate, dirty, jobless and heartless people.. They're the law breakers. We need to do something about this country 😪😪 I'm getting scared everyday🚷

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