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Nigerian engineer cries out after suspected militia group kill over 30 cows, displace Fulanis in Taraba State

Taraba : Murderous Yandang militias men from kasuwan ladi, Nyapuli and others invaded and killed over 30 cows that belong to fulanis at Abbare town in Lau LGA of taraba.

June, 8, 2018

This is a new dimension in addition to brutal killing, burning and destruction of Hausa-fulani's houses taking by the dare devil men in the silent ethnic cleansing being perpetrated against the Hausa-fulanis (Muslims) across the northern part of state by the coalition of Yandang, Bachama, and pockets of Mumuye militia's

The murderous men currently eliminated over 60 people, burned down and ransacked Santuraki, Kiri, Katibu and many villages suburbs of Mayo-lope and rendered thousands homeless. The Capital city of Jalingo have been witnessing influx of hundreds of IDPs mostly women and children from the effected villages for the past one week on the silent on going ethnic cleansing.

The state government is still silent on this issues of the silent ethnic cleansing and door to door unprovoked attacks by the concerted militias that made up over 4 different tribes mostly Christians.

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