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Fiat workers to strike over Juve's signing of Cristiano Ronaldo

Unions representing auto manufacturing workers at Fiat, which is owned by the same parent company as Juventus, have scheduled a three-day strike in protest at the $120 million signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Is this fair? It is normal for one person to earn millions, while thousands of families can’t even get to the middle of the month?" said Sindacale di Base, a left-wing union that represents hundreds of thousands of Italian employees.

“We’re all employees of the same owner, but this difference in treatment cannot and must not be accepted."

The union said that signing the Portuguese striker, who is expected to command a salary of about $35 million is symbolic of the skewed priorities at Exor, the holding company that owns both Juventus, which has recently ridden a wave of success, and Fiat, whose share of the car market has steadily declined.

“We’re told that times are tough, that we need to resort to social safety nets, waiting for the launch of new models, which never arrive," said the union.

“And while the workers and their families tighten their belts more and more, the company decides to invest a lot of money on a single human resource! The Fiat workers have made the company’s fortune for at least three generations, but in return they have only ever received a life of misery."

As a result Sindacale di Base will order its workers at the massive Melfi plant in southern Italy to strike between Sunday, the day of the World Cup final, and Tuesday evening.

Ronaldo is famously, a super car collector, and has been photographed with nearly two dozen of the world's most exclusive cars in his garage.

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